10: Corridor

Nice little gagdet. Battery seems dead. Not very useful.


Score: 1

Lives: 3

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This is an adventure game. It's a photo adventure. It's simple. It's for those who like scary stories and have a sense of humour. Enjoy. Note this site is not related to ARMA.


Very simple. Choose one of the possible actions in the bottom left of the home screen. You have 3 lives, so choose wisely. You can pick up items on the way and solve puzzles, these will lead to a different path. Be smart, don't die.

Your character

Your name is Ze Tzu, or Zetzu for short. You were born in Sydney, Australia. Studied architecture. You don't remember anything else. Your vision is slightly blurry. You have no idea where you are! Now get out of this place.

player 1

Awesome! i love it! but at somepoint make the person able to find a weapon and go outside.

Walker - player comment
player 2

Haha it was great, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see this page updated.

Jason - player comment
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